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Monday, August 7, 2017

August Full Moon 'Scope

Full Moon AngelScopes™ August 7, 2017

This full to new moon the angels remind us to stand firm in our truth.  We are reminded that being true to ourselves keeps our light bright.  We are asked to be honest with ourselves and those around us.  We are also asked to pay close attention to our inner guidance.  The angels encourage us that if there is a twinge of doubt, check it out.  Personally we are asked to examine ourselves and to make changes in any area where we are not living in integrity. 

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.

Aries – You can probably feel it, Aries – there is a huge rebirth headed your way.   You are about to come into your own; it may take some time but it is starting now.  Lessons may be at the forefront as you complete this phase of your life.  Timing is crucial, pay attention to unexpected opportunities; they can push you forward in all areas.  Your personal strength grows and Archangel Michael removes all obstacles, so ask often for his help.  It’s time to not only reach for the stars, but to pull them to you.  Friends and family are extremely supportive.

Taurus – Family is highlighted and there is a lot of maneuvering going on.  Watching everyone move about and trying to get settled takes up your time, as you like to be included and involved.  Look for a nice job offer or money making opportunity to head your way later this month.  Archangel Jophiel lifts spirits as your responsibilities become lighter.  
Gemini – An influential man may have bearing on your abundance, and he is feeling generous.  In your world all systems are GO as life slows to a more regular pace and you can focus a bit more easily.  Projects are nearing completion at last.  Your guardian angel works closely with you to help wishes come true.  Kindness takes you further than you realize.

Cancer – Concern over a father figure may have all your attention during this full to new moon phase.  The best you can do is offer support and comfort.  Personally his is a great time to take a few days off to regroup and re-plan.  September will be extremely active and you may find it hard to catch your breath.   Archangel Haniel works hard to keep everything in alignment.

Leo – This may be a prosperous time, Leo and the angels suggest action on ideas.  Travel is indicated, and is very beneficial on all levels.  News of a loved one moving due to a career change bay be received.  Archangel Gabriel helps with all beginnings and endings and readies you for a fantastic December.

Virgo – You are the master of your own destiny, Virgo and personal power is strong during this full to new moon phase.  Any changes you wish to make in your life can begin now.  The Creator is leading you to a time in your life where dreams come true – when you put some effort into those dreams.  Nothing is impossible, it may take time, but it’s not impossible.  Knowledge is put to the test, and you can move forward at an amazing pace now.  Don’t forget those who helped you along the way, they have been and remain wonderful allies.  Call on them when you need advice. 

Libra – Changes you are contemplating will impact those around you, Libra.  The big picture opens you to decision making in ways you’ve yet to experience.  Staying true to your heart will reap rewards for everyone.  Happy gatherings are indicated and Archangel Sandalphon helps you find all you’ve been missing.  Ask for his help in all areas and watch as your life changes once again for the better.  No matter what you’ve been through you can trust this new path.

Scorpio – Archangel Gabriel continues to help you, Scorp.  Your intellect is strong during this time and you share many ideas and much advice with others.  This exchange of thoughts may create a project that will provide a more positive cash flow.  If you are considering a purchase, the answer is yes and please try and make it or at least make the choice before the 12th.  Happiness follows you during these next couple of weeks and you are led to the best activities available for joy and comaradery.  A change in location is indicated, be it short or long term. 

Sagittarius – Your wishes are coming true.  Some the way you’d like, some as surprises.  Seeking advice from an elder helps clarify and ready you for any changes you’d like to make.  Saint Joseph helps with patience and seeing the impact of your actions.  A windfall or the growth of a nest egg is indicated.

Capricorn – Balancing all areas of your life takes a bit of juggling, but success is at hand.  You’ve finished a time of uncertainty and are happy to have a set direction.  Archangel Tzaphkiel helps open doors, and gives you a preview of where you are headed.  You are reminded that you have free will in all areas.  Spending time in nature aids in decision making. 

Aquarius – A child or someone who has been in your care is ready to move forward in their lives.  Your responsibility is to help, but not to DO for them.  Even if you see them taking the hard or the long road, you are to step back.  In your life, prayers are answered as Holy Spirit helps you get out of the way.  Weekend activities bring lots of joy and you are reminded to slow down and just BE every so often. 

Pisces – The lesson has been learned and it’s time to move forward, Pisces.  Love and adventure await!  A trusted friend is by your side and you have a treasure of knowledge to get you through any tough times.  Archangel Ratziel indicates you have advanced in the Book of Life, and offers a welcomed surprise.  The entire next year will be filled with the fruition of your goals.  You’ve passed the hard part, venture forth to a grander success.

Mercury Retrograde – Saturday, August 12th
NEW MOON – Monday, Aug 21, 2017    2:30pm Eastern
Solar Eclipse – Monday, August 21 

Monday, July 24, 2017

New Moon

New Moon AngelScopes™ July23, 2017

This new moon the angels remind us that healing our past helps us move forward more quickly and with extra clarity.  In other words, leave the baggage behind, forgive and go forth.  This is an excellent time to work on your Ho’o Ponopono before the next new moon and full solar eclipse on August 21st.  At that time hidden things will come to light and any residual healing will be made clear.  If there is anything you are holding onto from the past, ask the angels to help you release it and heal from it. 

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.

Aries – Victory can be yours as long as you are willing to meet halfway or mend outstanding rifts.  This applies to any and all areas of your life.  The time is ripe for fixing what’s been broken, literally and metaphorically.  Archangel Metatron is close by, aiding in the process.  You may feel pulled in a few directions at once.  Working with your angels will allow you to balance responsibilities and get everything done in a timely manner.

Taurus – Love and passion are highlighted during this new to full moon stage, possibly enlightening you to what is truly important to you.  Your angels, guides and even deceased loved ones are speaking clearly, guiding you to your next steps in life.  Archangel Jophiel helps you maintains joy and a sense of well-being at all times.  A short respite is in order before you are full steam ahead in August.  
Gemini – The angels remind you to think before you act and then make sure your actions are in alignment with your words and thoughts.  Meditation is very helpful during this new to full moon stage as you may find yourself second guessing your place in life, or reconsidering plans as they are now.  You may be tempted to be hard on yourself, instead try loving yourself as you would a dear friend.  Jesus holds your hand and offers insight to perplexing problems at this time.

Cancer – Travel is indicated, Cancer, and those travels may inspire you to take on a challenge or two.  This new to full moon phase is a perfect time to contemplate a new project or plan.  Traveling brings you in contact with people to network or brainstorm with.  Some of the travel is done alone, some with others.  Archangel Raphael is by your side, keeping your body strong and whispering inspirations as you go.   

Leo – The more you give of yourself, the more you receive back, Leo.  This new to full moon time is great for networking and creating a nice plan for your future.  The Creator is strong with you and helps you see your path clearly.  Work done now leads to a wonderful success in February 2018.  Learning is highlighted as well as staying true to your heart at this time.

Virgo – You may feel the need to create change, Virgo.  Trust that the angels are guiding you through this change, supporting your decisions.  You may feel concern for a man you are close to as he too is going through major change.  Trust your intuition as you release negative thoughts, habits and people from your life.  The beginning of September is amazing, possibly even miraculous.  Archangels Raphael and Gabriel help in all things as one heals and the other brings in your new beginnings. 

Libra – This can be a very prosperous time for you, Libra, as you are able to add to your nest egg – be that money, ideas or abilities.  You may find yourself opening heart and soul to those around you.  Love flows out and in.  Peace is encountered in the oddest places as life seems well aligned.  The goddess Venus leads you to all things beautiful and possibly even romance at this time.

Scorpio – It’s time to quite dragging your feet and get a move on Scorp!  You can’t serve two masters so make a choice.  Whether it’s a trip, a move, or some other huge change in your life, forward motion is indicated along with a bit of going it alone to make your mark on the world.  Once you are able to leave your past behind, love and adventure fall in place.  Archangel Gabriel hurries you along because he is so excited for your progress.    

Sagittarius – Every part of your life is or will soon be quite abundant.  The angels ask you to focus on the positives to grow that vibration as the universe is helping to create more prosperity than you are accustomed to.  Planting seeds (ideas) during this new moon phase creates a beautiful garden for the fall.   Travel slows down and work picks up.  News of an engagement or other joyful occasion may be cause for celebration.  Archangel Haniel helps with daily as well as long term success. 

Capricorn – You may find that a young person needs or asks for a bit of financial help.  This investment is actually worthwhile, and the angels remind you that you have the free will to say NO.  In your own life, you feel a bit more freedom than before.  Take advantage and experience something new.  Holy Spirit is close by, inspiring in all areas of life.  Trips to or near beaches have long lasting effects.  Any projects or new jobs you begin now help shape success in the future.  The angels say, DO IT! 

Aquarius – Decisions, decisions, Aquarius!  You are called upon to release “stuck” feelings (meaning you feel  you are stuck, but you aren’t) by making a choice.  Archangel Michael is by your side and shows you a clear path – it’s up for you to follow it.  Removing clutter clears space in your home and your mind.  Clutter includes people and things.  A life renewal is just around the corner. 

Pisces – You are the most intuitive of all the signs, and the angels remind you of that during this new to full moon stage.  Insight, premonitions and awareness all rise during this time.  Being fair with family takes you further than you expect, and allows for healing to take place without a loss of personal power.  Remembering to take time to rest can open doors to solutions that have been evasive for you.  Archangel Metatron has your back and helps you stand tall in all things.

FULL MOON – Monday, Aug 7, 2017    2:11pm Eastern 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

July Full Moon

FULL Moon AngelScopes™ July 9, 2017
(Happy Birthday Debbie Bruton)

This full moon the angels ask us to focus on positive thoughts and words as each thought and the spoken word are manifest creations.  When you think or say something negative, clear it immediately by saying, “Cancel, cancel.”  The angels are always around us, ready to help and remind us that working with them can keep you positive.  They will also help you clear any negativity that is left over from the pastduring this time.  

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.

Aries – The full to new moon phase may have you broadening your horizons, as you ponder the big WHY of life.  The angels are working to lead you to the mission which most grows your inner light, and that may be a different mission that you believe.  A young person around you has an interesting idea, but the cost may be more than you are willing to pay.  Archangel Haniel is working with you to bring you to success.  Shades of peach and coral sooth your inner being and strengthen resolve.

Taurus – The angels are helping you with the ever ending life cycles that take place all around us.  There is a time for letting go and the time is NOW.  Talks about acquisitions may not go as planned, and you may find yourself on the outside looking in.  Archangel Raphael offers comfort and peace as needed.   
Gemini – You may feel a little upside down during this full to new moon phase, but the angels remind you that all answers come from within.  Slow down enough to listen to your inner voice and discover what helps you shine.  Love from a younger person lights your days and can also inspire and motivate you.  Holy Spirit guides and heals you as needed, also helps when you pray or ask for healing for others.

Cancer – You are on your way and will soon be cultivating the rewards of your efforts in many areas.  Shades of pink and purple lift spirits and help maintain focus during this full to new moon phase.  You may find yourself playing referee.  When you keep your emotions out of the equation you have the best solutions for everyone.  Archangel Tzaphkiel opens doors when you think they are all closed.   

Leo – Summer is your time. Leo, and this full moon has you cementing dreams and goals from long ago.  Personal power is strong but not overbearing as you are confident in your works.  A new admirer may seem a bit flashy, even for you.  Archangel Gabriel helps with both endings and new beginnings, as the summer solstice energy takes you on the wave of excitement for the new year.

Virgo – The angels are all around you, embracing, lifting, reassuring and fulling you with love.  Working with them in all you do creates results much faster than you thought possible.  Someone in your “gang” may be exiting your life by moving away or moving on.  The angels remind you htat when we celebrate others’ successes we create more to celebrate for ourselves.  Your guardian angel is close by reminding you to ask and you’ll receive. 

Libra – time to yourself during this full to new mon phase readies you for the whirlwind autumn about to happen.  Ponder all offers/opportunities and meditate whenever possible to achieve a centered and peaceful mind.  A surprise love affair is available if you want it – complete with breath skipping and heart stopping moments.  Archangel Kamael assists in all decision making.

Scorpio – Usually a magic maker, the angels are working with the cosmos to bring more spontaneous magic into your life.  This full moon may wake you from a slumber (aka denial) and get you moring by merging your heart and soul so that you are aware of your true desires.  As your soul gets louder and you listen more closely, life begins to change.  Archangel Sandalphon helps when at a crossroad. 

Sagittarius – The angels ask you to look within to find your happiness and set your goals.  Sacred geometry combined with gemstones are magical tools for you at this time.  A stubborn person around you (this could even be yourself and your own stubbornness) helps you master the art of patience.  The angels remind you to look around – all you need you already have.  Good luck around August 4th brings cause for celebration.

Capricorn – Focusing on the positive lifts your spirits and helps you rise above any nagging doubts.  Archangel Gabriel helps you remain strong and move forward even when uncertain, reminding you that this too will pass.  He also advises that everyone enters unknown territory at different times of their lives.  Concern for a or as a father may appear during this time, and the angels ask that you stay open.  Encouraging rather than demanding will bring you better results.  Archangel Metatron offers strength and removes obstacles when you ask for help.

Aquarius – Your journey is just beginning and the angels remind you that you have help every step of the way.  The full moon ends the old way and enters a new way for you.  A group seems to band together and while they may not always agree on how to reach the goal they do work together to achieve success.  Your ego may take a bruising if you need to learn there is no I in team.  Archangel Zerachiel, one of the seven, helps in all areas.

Pisces – You may be pulled to simplify your life and slow down during this full to new moon phase.  The desire to enjoy the simpler pleasures is strong, and the angels work with you to help in acknowledging the positive and the beauty all around you.  Group activities are highlighted and social events may be plentiful.  Opt for the backyard BBQ over pomp and glory events to maintain a balanced soul.  Haniel surrounds you with peace and love every hour of every day.

NEW MOON – Sunday, July 23, 2017    5:46am Eastern

Friday, June 9, 2017


FULL Moon AngelScopes™ June 9, 2017

This full moon the angels remind us that we are each magnificent.  When we embrace all that we are our inner light strengthens.  When we strengthen our light we help strengthen each other.  During this full to new moon phase, there may be many distractions, but the angels remind us to just pull ourselves back on task to accomplish what we set out to do. 

Jupiter goes direct today.  The planet of good fortune and hearts’ desires will reactivate forward motion in those areas of our lives.

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.

Aries – thinking of making a change, Aries?  It’s time to settle in, put some roots down.  The change may not happen overnight, but steps forward can be taken NOW.  Keep an eye on your words/temper, as waiting to speak and having patience can sometimes create better opportunities.  St. Michael the archangel helps you cut away the brush on your path so you can move forward.  A new chapter is about to begin.

Taurus – Love for a special man in your life is pulled to the forefront, Taurus.  Archangel Haniel is helping with all matters of the heart from family to romance.  This full to new moon may find you enjoying some extra attention.  Your thinking cap works best when you are calm and relaxed.  Put it on for some great ideas on updating your life.
Gemini – Double check everything that is going on around you, Gemini, to be sure you are seeing and understanding all that is happening and not just what you want to see in the way you want to see it.  A short trip closer to the New Moon can put everything in perspective.  Blessed Mother Mary guides you to hearts desires and opens doors for you.  If you feel stuck, get out in nature.  Your thoughts will clear and solutions will appear.

Cancer – Good times are at hand, with lots of celebrating and love to be had.  Social activities are accented and events abound.  Keep those you love most close by and wonderful memories will be made.  Keeping the past in the past helps you enjoy the present.  Archangel Gabriel joins the parties, bringing networking opportunities for all you desire in all areas of your life. 

Leo – Stay on course, Leo, and you will be well rewarded.  There may be times you feel you travel this world alone, but your angel is always with you.  The goddess Diana is helping you with any battles, removing obstacles and supplying an army if you need one.  The helping hand of a friend can lift spirits.

Virgo – You may be focused on a female in your life as she encounters trying times.  Talking things through helps, giving advice may not.  In your life, creating a life you love is in the works, and strides are made.  The energy of Quan Yin is all around, enhancing your intuition.  Pay attention to “gut” feelings to steer you toward success at this time. 

Libra – Words are lovely, but too many can cause problems.  Sit back and listen first, speak second.  A man who is important to you may be taking up your time.  These meetings can enhance your loyalty for each other.  Projects begun now will finish by September.  Archangel Tzadkiel helps you give and receive mercy.

Scorpio – You may be unsure of where your world is going, Scorp, and the angels remind you that all the answers are in your soul.  Making a decision and seeing it through can offer the security you seek.  Romance may be a concern as your significant other is pre-occupied.  Your master guide is helping with undeniable signs of what to do/where to go next.

Sagittarius – The angels remind you to be kind to others, especially if you are feeling stressed.  You are being called to be your higher self, and Holy Spirit is inspiring you while helping you get out of your own way.  Clarity will come during the new moon.  An extended weekend adds to your inner strength.  Remind yourself of your goals to calm nerves.  You are right where you are meant to be at this time.

Capricorn – You are ready to leave the past behind and embrace some new beginnings.  This full moon has you tying up loose ends and preparing for an adventure.  Love and support from an important female strengthens your resolve.  St. Gabriel the archangel smooths the way for any traveling you may undertake.  Friends applaud your achievements.

Aquarius – You may find yourself in need of help, and a benefactor comes to your aid.  Emotions may threaten to boil over and your angels remind you a little daily meditation or/with white light can move mountains in your soul. Archangel Haniel is ready to help with victories when you allow him to take control.  Fun times are highlighted for the end of June.

Pisces – You’re busy hashing things out, working through situations, making plans and coming to agreements with others.  It’s a busy, active time, and you are laying the groundwork for a larger future.  A few evenings off revitalize and reorganize your thoughts.  Raphael the archangel helps with all communication issues, including clearing the air on old concerns.  Happy times with a good friend are highlighted around the new moon.

NEW MOON – Friday, June 23, 2017    10:31pm Eastern 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Healing Harps

Healing Harp Road Trip

Music is said to “soothe the savage beast.”  A research study conducted by the University of Arizona, published in 2013 found patients in ICU to report up to a 27% decrease in pain after experiencing spontaneous live harp music.   Other clinical studies show harp music to have measurable therapeutic benefits for reducing stress and anxiety, inducing restful sleep, and helping listeners release physical and emotional suffering.  With this in mind, a few of us took a road trip last night to Willingboro, NJ to experience the healing vibrations of the harp.

Our night began with a story.  Saul would have demons upon him.  When this would occur, he would call for David, the harp player because the music would chase the demons away.  The second story came from the Book of Revelations; 5:8, when the four living creatures and the 24 elders each had a harp….

When Pastor Michael was finished with the readings, he offered a warm welcome to Madeleine Doherty, a woman visiting from Dublin.  She is the first person there to introduce Harps for Healing as a ministry.  She trained in the United States as Ireland has not yet established programs such as the ones here.  Madeleine completed her training which included 105 hours of playing the harp for hospitalized patients and is now certified as a healing harpist.

Next came the music.  Many of the tunes sent shivers through my body.  Madeleine has a beautiful voice as well as magical hands when playing the harp and listening to her was pure joy.  Between ballads she would tell a short story of her trek, such as when she went to play in a village bub where the attendees were a bunch of burly men.  She began to play, with not much response until she sang an old Irish song.  The attendees joined in, pints were clanking, and the audience kept Madeleine there until the wee hours of the night.  Amazing what music can do for you.

The last three songs Madeleine played for us were simply amazing.  “Hymn of Creation” which she wrote, was first.  This song sent waves of happiness through the audience.  Next she played “Peace” which was written with a friend.  As the music continued I saw in my mind a perfect ballerina dancing to the music.  The color vibration was pink and gold.  The last piece was a bit more somber, no words, shades of blues and greens washing over us as she played.

We switched from concert mode to healing mode, and Madeleine walked up and down the middle aisle of St. Luke Lutheran Church, strumming chords that pulled dirt from the chakras, chords that soothed and aligned the multi levels of our human experience, and chords that brought healing to our souls.

We ended with Pastor Michael reciting the Breastplate of St. Patrick, and all attendees offered a blessing for Madeleine Doherty and all her endeavors.  When she returns next year, I will be in the audience. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May New Moon

NEW Moon AngelScopes™ May 25, 2017

This new moon the angels remind us that we carry with in a light bright enough to reduce any negativity that comes our way.  Acknowledging and increasing that light can change our lives as well as the lives of those around us.  The angels remind us that they love us at all times, and ask that we find beauty within ourselves and within others.  If you find yourself in the presence of a very negative person, focus on the word love.  You don’t need to do anything else, no sending, no wishing, just thinking of the word.  This will raise the vibration around you and you will notice the person leaves or the person’s attitude changes.  Walk in love as often as possible to create the change you desire in your life.

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.

Aries – This is your time, Aries.  The angels indicate everything is coming together.  Your patience is about to pay off and you are being lifted to new heights.  Jesus is with you, supporting your endeavors, guiding you in your interactions with others.  It could be a time of miracles for you.  Ask and ask often. This is also a great time to start anew, begin projects or plan trips.

Taurus – This new moon offers the opportunity to strengthen one area of your life by releasing the need to control other areas.  Make decisions so that decisions aren’t made for you.  Archangel Metatron is by your side, helping you stay on target with your life path.  You may find yourself developing a plan for the future or having great inspirations.  The angels remind you that success follows action.
Gemini – Group activities are highlighted during this new to full moon phase – though you may want to forge your own path away from the crowd, as you feel yourself closed in while in the midst of all those people.  A shot get away with a loved one refreshes and renews – even if the getaway is hours and not days.  A lifting of your spirit arrives closer to the full moon.  Angel Jophiel helps you see the beauty / fun in each event, opening you to even more positive thoughts and realizations.  You may discover a romantic admire who has been hiding in the background. 

Cancer – Time to hit the road, Cancer.  The signs are undeniable and it’s time to move on, leaving old habits and outdated modes of thought behind.  Archangel Gabriel is leading the way, while Ratziel is helping you understand the Book of Life.  Whatever you may start now tkes a year to complete, but the time spent is well worth it.  This new beginning could be taking place in any area of your life, and will entail leaving some others behind: friends, coworkers, followers or even family. 

Leo – The angels remind you that yes, your hard work is worth it, and that you do have support from others close by – even if you refuse their support.  This new moon is a time to re-visit a forgotten project, something that was started and never finished.  Goals can be met, and Archangel Haniel helps you recognize success in places you only saw failure.  Family offers love and support and cheer you forward.

Virgo – Your networking skills are put to the test.  You find yourself at many social evenst that offer opportunities for expansion and growth – in business or in your core group of allies.  Your closest family members seem to be going through some upsets, try not to get involved.  Blessed Mother Mary is there to soothe and balance any disagreements.  Life takes a turn for the better once the full moon rolls in. 

Libra – Change is headed your way, Libra, and it’s very positive!  Financial windfalls are possible, as well as great inspirations to improve your living circumstances.  You can almost feel the hand of God guiding you; the force within is strong.  Getting out in nature opens your mind and doors.  Wishing for romance?  The walls may actually come down during this new to full moon phase, allowing love in.

Scorpio – You are trying to create a plan but are still unsure of how/where to go.  Indecisiveness can leave you baffled, but Saint Raphael the archangel helps clear any muddied thoughts.  You can feel the next phase coming in, but are unsure of where to go.  Go within to find the answers you need.  Put aside all advice from others and connect with your soul.  Once done you will have a set path and Raphael will join with Michael to make it happen.

Sagittarius – Someone is trying very hard to make you happy, Sag, but it seems everything they do just stresses you out more.  The angels remind you to meditate, do the things you love most and make more time to relax until this stressful time passes.  June will be less stressful and August nearly care free.  Work agitation is short lived as a re-org or restructuring comes into play.  Social events are joyful, get out as often as you can.

Capricorn – Your choices may not be your family’s choices for you, but no worries there.  You know where you are going and are ready for the changes ahead.  Master Moses guides your way, offering strength and insight in all you do.  A get-together is especially happy with memories shared and lots of laughter. 

Aquarius – Happy family times are indicated as life draws you all closer together.  Your home is your haven, and you are happy there with or without people around.  Uncertainties about your (singular) finances arise, but the angels remind you of how resourceful you are.  Archangel Kamael helps you remain positive and clears the negative.  Counting your blessings makes you aware of even more blessings.

Pisces – Family stress may have you questioning your personal power, but the angels remind you that what’s right for you may not be right for them.  You are about to embark upon finding your niche in the world and increasing your personal strengths.  For the most part this is a time of fun and adventure.  Your guardian angel leads you to all you need.

FULL MOON – Friday, June 9, 2017    9:10am ET

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

AngelScopes Full Moon 5/10

FULL Moon AngelScopes™ May 10, 2017

This full moon the angels remind us that our bodies not only house our souls, they act as antennae, receiving messages for us.  When you have a feeling that doesn’t seem to make sense for the moment, it may be your angels trying to give you a message.  Acknowledge these feelings, then let them go.  This is just one of the ways your intuitive body works with your physical body.  The angels indicate that during this full to new moon phase intuition and psychic senses will be high.  Pay extra attention to “gut” feelings and “signs”.  The angels hand down divine decrees and give us advance notice of things to come during this time.  Thanking them is the only reciprocal action requested. 

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.

Aries – Someone around you has a great idea, Aries, and they’d like you to be a part of it.  This person may be younger or less experienced in life, and their efforts are sincere.  The thing is, you may need to put out a little money for this venture.  In other areas you are beginning to reap rewards for previous efforts.  This cycle brings completion and inspires surety for your next step.  St. Michael the Archangel helps you break ties and move forward on your path.  Anything you’ve been dragging your feet on totally ends or suddenly moves forward with gusto.

Taurus – There is a lot of love around you from a female relative or friend, and good times are soon to be had by all.  The full to new moon increases your fun quotient, and you are well loved (and you can feel it.)  Archangel Gabriel brings exciting news as you prepare for a significant event in June.  The ending of a relationship is in the background, leave it where it lies.
Gemini – Family struggles are indicated, as no one seems to be on the same page.  This is a good time for you to work one-on-one with others.  Blessed Mother Mary offers her support.  The angels recommend clearing your head with walks in nature: along a beach or through a forest.  Month end brings happy news, along with a small economic boost.

Cancer – Togetherness is key during this full to new moon phase, and Archangel Haniel is there to show you the love.  Social activities are highlighted and offer opportunities in all areas of your life.  Vacations are extra fun now; if you can’t take one, plan one.  Expect a deeper bonding of the family before month end.

Leo – Let the sun shine and leave your worries behind, Leo.  You are emerging from a difficult time where you’ve been your own toughest critic.  Allow (key word – allow) the good the universe has promised enter into your life.  The Creator leads you to unexpected success at just the right time.  Keep your eyes and heart open, you may be surprised at the opportunities that come your way.

Virgo – You are the master of your destiny, Virgo, and there’s no time like the present to manifest all you want and/or need.  Archangel Metatron is working with the Creator to help you rise during the next year.  It’s a time when past knowledge serves you well.  Suddenly everything makes sense and you know exactly what to do.  If you are creative this is a great time to pay attention to and even act upon your inspirations. 

Libra – You may find yourself involved with talks regarding finances; especially with a younger person.  The angels advise that you follow your intuition on this.  Your own abundance has a chance to grow, through ideas for the future or immediate action, possibly both.  Your words have the ability to heal during this time, and Archangel Raphael is by your side, helping you to reach those who need it most.  He will also help you with healings in any area of your life you ask him to.

Scorpio – An ending of a relationship is near, be it a romantic relationship, a friendship, a job or even a group membership.  A special friend is close by to help you through it.  Even if this ending is expected, the stress connected to it has taken a toll.  Your guardian angel helps you with rest and relaxation, and also opens doors you believed were closed.

Sagittarius – An admirer of your work makes themselves known and you can find yourself on a fast track to success.  If single, this full moon could lead to a fun romance.  This new person can be very persistent and will work hard to woo you.   Times spent in groups may be tiring, so be sure and get your beauty rest.  Jesus helps lighten your heart and your load at this time.

Capricorn – A third party may step in to try and lure you away from family or friendships.  Your mission is to be aware of this and decide your next move:  stay with what’s familiar or move into something completely foreign.  There is a lot of love all around you no matter what decision you make.  Your master guide helps as you take steps towards increasing your knowledge.  A surprise comes from a beloved family member.

Aquarius – Your wishes are coming true, even if not exactly the way you thought they would, or in the way you wanted them to.  The angels are working hard to help you make things easier on yourself.  Padre pio is close by, illuminating the best choice in all decision making.  Your heavenly helpers leave signs to guide you everywhere you look.  Pay attention to your intuition in all areas.

Pisces – Over thinking can stress you out, Pisces.  If single and looking, the love you desire is just around the corner.  Time to relax and rejuvenate is recommended and helps your body remain strong.  The illness of a loved one comes to light, the best you can do is offer support and friendship.  News of success for someone in your family lifts everyone’s spirits. 

NEW MOON – Thursday, May 25, 2017    8:15am ET